Industrial Enterprise Suite
DataGeometry is an Industrial Enterprise Tool that combine all the required technology and solutions to drive your digital transformation journey. Replacing operational silos with innovative and delightful experience, Data Geometry Suites accelerate time into innovation and scale it as the needs as the business process being transform.

Beyond Data

Industrial enterprise are forced to change the way they engaged with customers. These new operational considerations are driving investment in early industrial internet of things (IIoT) and digital manufacturing. To thrive in today’s business environment, enterprise must move beyond just automating existing and siloed business operations and become software-proficient, if not software-native. This hinges on providing data scientists, professionals and engineers to become citizen developers with access to contextual and meaningful data when it comes to the pinch. Leaders in industrial enterprise must encourage shared responsibility across IT and OT team, fostering collaboration and shared responsibility for both physical and digital experiences.

Our Difference Is In The Convergence


DataGeometry Industrial Enterprise Suite can aggregate and converge any industrial data, from any system. The more data available, the more layered the context. And the result: deeper analytics, improved visualizations, and more opportunities to optimize and learn.

Case Study

Automate accounting manual process into business process

Low Code Rapid development for maintenance management solution

IIoT solution to monitor critcal assets with OPC integration

Break Down The Silos

Data Pipelines

Pipelines provides an easy-to-use graphical data integration interface to bring together data from a myriad of different sources and define transformations visually


Wrangler allows you to visually and interactively cleanse and prepare raw data, with the aim of making it consumable for further processing


UI-driven approach to machine learning. It provides a seamless, automated interface for users to easily develop, train, test, evaluate and deploy their machine learning models

The data is yours. We provide APIs and direct integration with our AI/ML and Low Code tools that enable you to build your own applications on top of the unified, contextualized data. Data Convergence also facilitates an ecosystem of partners who can use the data you choose to share, driving innovation and directly benefiting your business.


DataGeometry Fusion Bridge

Fusion Bridge is your operations game-changer. It’s a dual-radio WiFi Bridge that adds seamless WiFi access point connectivity to remote 900MHz networks. Fusion Bridge lets you connect multiple wireless devices and sensors in the field and create new opportunities for connectivity, efficiency, and asset management.

DG20i Wireless IO

Modular Endpoints can connect and power sensors and transmitters with expansive options for interfaces: HART,
Analog, Discrete, Modbus, K-Type Thermocouple, and RTD.
The WC20i is available with long lasting internal batteries
or with a solar power option, both of which are approved
for use in Class I, Division 1 hazardous areas.

DG 30i-PSI.

DataGeometry DG30i-PSI Modular Pressure Sensors are intrinsically safe wireless pressure sensors that are easily and quickly installed. The DGI30i Wireless Pressure Sensors are rated up to 20,000 PSI with an accuracy <+/-0.25%. Together with the DGI45i Gateway, DGI20i Modular Endpoints and other sensor nodes can be combined to form a wireless IO network that is typically quicker to deploy, less expensive, and more reliable than wired installations.

IIoT Well Integrity Monitoring Solutions

An oil or gas well leak or blowout is a disaster. For people’s safety, environmental impact and the commercial impact both locally and globally. Which is why well monitoring is a vital part of every oil & gas operation. Especially when you consider that 33% of wells will encounter an integrity issue at some point in their lifetime.Well monitoring, especially in remote areas of the world, has a unique set of challenges that, up until now, have been nearly impossible to overcome. But new technology changes things. Technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) and satellite connectivity. All you have to do is install a few sensors on the wellhead, connect a gateway, and within a few hours you’ll receive pressure and temperature monitoring data that’s as accurate as a wired connection. The sensors give regular readings every hour, which means you have a better understanding of what happens at your wells around the clock.

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